Moss as cell factories


We use moss as a green cell factory to produce small natural products. Physcomitrella patens (spreading earthmoss) is the perfect plant for this. Using Physcomitrella we produce fine chemicals that are normally obtained from rare, endangered or non-agricultural plants.


Moss is a small plant that renders itself to easy genetic transformation. Utilizing the latest knowledge, we can easily transform moss into an efficient producer of targeted natural products.


Our latest developments have allowed us to significantly speed up the number of transformations we can do. Along with small to large scale growing facilities this provides a flexible and amendable technology platform.

Meet the Crew

We are a small team of highly dedicated researchers. The team holds a vast set of skills including molecular engineering, analytical chemistry, plant biology and biotechnology.

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Our office is located just north of Copenhagen, Denmark

Mellemvang 14B, 2970 Hørsholm, Denmark


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